Auto Insurance

Selecting the right type of auto insurance can be a confusing process if you don’t know where to begin. With a highly experienced insurance agency to help guide you through the process and offer valuable industry insight, you can effectively choose a policy with options that fit your individual circumstances.

Quality Auto Insurance

At A & B Insurance Agency Inc. we value each customer and strive to help them protect themselves from hazards of all types. When it comes to selecting auto insurance, we can guide customers and suggest options that will prevent costly gaps in coverage and allow them to navigate the roads, or even park with complete peace of mind. We offer security in the form of insurance that can be tailored to each customer’s needs by offering a variety of deductible options and coverage amounts for comprehensive and other policy options.

An Established Insurance Provider

A & B Insurance Agency Inc. is an established insurance company that proudly serves the residents of Michigan. We have skilled insurance agents who can sit down with you one on one and help you discover insurance options that allow you to rest easy knowing you are completely covered. Finding the right auto insurance coverage is easy when you work with our agents who have extensive industry experience they use to meet your needs.

For more information about our auto insurance products, call or stop by A & B Insurance Agency Inc., serving the residents of Michigan, for more information and to speak with an agent. Navigate the roads with peace of mind and quality coverage that protects you from any situation you may encounter while driving or even parked. The right auto insurance can also prevent any financial losses because of gaps in your auto insurance coverage.