Umbrella Insurance

Insurance products are designed to give policyholders protection from any outlined covered events. In some cases, however, a particular policy may not offer the complete coverage a client needs to protect them from any number of dangers or occurrences. For these types of situations, umbrella insurance can offer that complete coverage and peace of mind.

Umbrella Insurance Protection

If a person feels they need additional coverage in addition to an already existing insurance policy, they can elect to purchase additional coverage called umbrella insurance. It is designed to protect individuals who have special circumstances that traditional insurance policies may not completely address or cover. For example, a residence containing high-value items that traditional home insurance won’t cover would require umbrella insurance to be completely protected. If this situation applies, consult our knowledgeable experts at A & B Insurance Agency Inc. serving the residents of Michigan. We have the insight and experience to outline your need and offer solutions that fit any unique situation.

A Reputable Agency

A & B Insurance Agency Inc. serving the residents of Michigan, is a full-service insurance provider who has experienced, friendly agents available to service each customer one on one to determine their special needs and provide access to insurance products that fit their lifestyle and needs effectively. Individuals who are looking for high-quality insurance products from an established agency should consult with an agent and find out what their options are for protection.

Umbrella insurance is a product that can protect items of high value and prevent loss as a result of covered events. For more information on umbrella insurance, call or stop by our office today and speak with an agent to find out how we can help you get the coverage you need.

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